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Here is a quick outline of its current features that more or less work:

  • Finds and plays mp3's and ogg's that are located on the user's hard drive
  • Sorts songs in playlists, including search playlists for songs that match a given criteria
  • Searches for, downloads and shares songs that are available under a Creative Commons license
  • Recommends songs based on a user's listening preferences, almost like a totally personalized radio broadcast

The best way to become acquainted with Gnomoradio is to listen to the "Radio" playlist that the program creates at startup. It will randomly play the music on your hard drive, and occasionally, it will download and play a freely licensed song that is recommended to you from the internet! All you have to do is push play, and it will take care of everything for you.

Sound interesting? Download Gnomoradio now, or check out some screenshots.

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