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Most information about Gnomoradio's ambitions can be found in the initial announcement of the project.

Although we are not directly affiliated with the Creative Commons project, we recommend that you use their licenses because they are versatile and available in RDF format. If you are interested in using a different free license for your music, please contact us about designing an RDF summary of that license.

Gnomoradio was developed by a handful of volunteers who love independent music. These people are in some way responsible for Gnomoradio:

  • Jim Garrison - back end (roboradio, rainbow)
  • Matt Gerginski - interface hacker, gentoo package manager
  • Ian Thornton - server-end and web site work
  • Rich Mason - documentation
  • Riccardo Setti - debian package manager

And of course, all the artists who have decided to use a Creative Commons license and feature their music on the system.

Copyright © 2003-2005 The Gnomoradio Project